Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Indian Passport kendras, totally insensitive!



Computers, Tata Consultancy Services, online submissions of forms etc sounds fabulous. Those who manage get through the process are fortunate. They I believe are a very small minority.


Online submission is great for those who have access to computers . My wife had submitted an application on the 16th of February, 2013. The next step was to get an appointment with the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). We had login at 6 p.m. and solve a captcha and then click for a date and time. Even before one can look for a convenient date, the window closes and appointments for the day are over.


We have been faithfully trying to get an appointment since the 16th of Feb. Finally my wife decided to apply for a Tatkal Passport. We were thrilled when we got an appointment for the 18th March morning. As per the India Passport website my wife organised all the documents needed and  visited the PSK only to be told that there was a problem with the verification certificate and what was the problem, the stamp of the signing officer was not partly on her photograph. Next, came big news where was the bank statement for the past year? My wife protested and said that this was not mentioned on the India Passport website and pat came the answer, the website is not up to date.


Now the website also states that a Tatkal applicant can either take a verification certificated from a Civil Servant or carry 3 of 16 documents listed on their website. When my wife produced her Driving licens, Voter ID and PAN card again, the response was that this does not work any more.


In other words, what is provided on the Passport website  cannot be relied upon. Thousands of people visit the Passport Kendras on a daily basis and have to go back again simply because the website was not updated or some rubber stamp was put slightly off the mark.


While this modern facility is great for a lucky few, thousands spend a whole lot of time

1.       Trying to get an appointment

2.       Repeatedly trying to go back with appropriate documents

Why won’t people of the country want to use touts to get their work done? The sad thing is as a citizen, there is no where to turn for help.


Dreaming for a modern and progressive India






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